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Alibaba Cloud ACP-Cloud1 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Has knowledge about the advantages and application scenarios of VPC products
  • Has knowledge about implementation of interconnection solutions between VPCs through Express Connect
Topic 2
  • Has knowledge about the security and configuration as well as use restrictions of VPCs
  • Able to carry out basic configuration and optimization of CDN to solve basic common problems
Topic 3
  • Familiar with the image processing capabilities offered by OSS
  • Able to deploy applications based on ECS products
Topic 4
  • Has knowledge about the management, use and operations of OSS buckets and objects
  • Has knowledge about the advantages, billing policies, application scenarios, APIs and SDKs of ECS
Topic 5
  • Has basic security awareness and security basics of using Cloud services
  • Familiar with the usage and operations of ECS instances, disks, security groups, snapshots, images and tags
Topic 6
  • Familiar with VPC-related concepts, including VPCs, Vrouters, Vswitches, route tables, and route entries
  • Able to implement application solutions based on OSS as well as ECS, CDN and ApsaraVideo for Media Transcoding
Topic 7
  • Has knowledge about the advantages, application scenarios and billing models of OSS products
  • Able to implement application solutions based on Server Load Balancer as well as ECS and Auto Scaling products

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Alibaba Cloud ACP Cloud Computing Professional Sample Questions (Q14-Q19):


You need to create a new ECS instance for a 10-data test. Which of the following billing methods is most cost-effective?

  • A. Preemptible
  • B. Subscription
  • C. Pay-AS-You-Go with Savings Plan
  • D. Pay-As-You-Go

Answer: B


Which of the following statements is NOT correct, when comparing RDS with a self-built database?

  • A. RDS features a high availability of 99 95% while self-built databases require you to implement data protection primary-standby replication, and RAID all by yourself.
  • B. RDS requires no O&M while self-built database require a dedicated DBA for maintenance, which results in high HR costs.
  • C. Self-built database support quick deployment and elastic scaling.
  • D. RDS provides automatic backup while self-built databases require you to prepare storage space for backup copies and regularly verify that these copies can be restored.

Answer: C


To meet business requirements, a user requires that the backend server of an SLB instance include a primary ECS instance and a secondary ECS instance. When the primary instance is working properly, the traffic is only forwarded to the primary ECS, when the primary instance is down, traffic is switched to the standby instance. In this case, you can create an active/standby server group on the backend of the SLB instance Which kind of listener supports this feature? (Number of correct answers: 2)

  • A. HTTPS
  • B. TCP
  • C. UDP
  • D. HTTP

Answer: A,C


Company A constructed a sales management platform using three Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. One of the instances runs MySQL, and is used as the database server. The other two instances are used as Web servers After some time, the number of employees in Company A dramatically increases, leading to higher sales volumes At the same time, the platform response speed is gradually decreasing too.

According to the report from CloudMonitor, the average CPU utilization rate of the two Web servers exceeds 70%, and database load

reaches 75% Company A can select Alibaba Cloud_________ cope with the issue and optimize the performance. (Number of correct answers: 2)

  • A. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance content loading speed
  • B. Incorporate Server Load Balancer (SLB) and add additional ECS instances to relieve the load on existing ECS instances
  • C. Replace the self-built MySQL database with ApsaraDB for RDS to obtain better database performance, and utilize RDS read-only instances to handle read-only requests
  • D. Import database data into Object Storage Service (OSS) to share the storage pressure on the platform

Answer: B,C


Which of the following ports does RDS for MySQL listen on by default?

  • A. Port 8080
  • B. Port 3306
  • C. Port 3600
  • D. Port 3060

Answer: B



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